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25th Aug
Bobby Dazzler
18th Aug
When I was in the war
18th Aug
19th May

Challenge description

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Thanks to the supporters of the Hovercraft Challenge

Oakleigh Gates




Finally nine months after its conception the challenge took place, and what a day we chose for it.

The rain started just as the teams gathered within sight of the Viking ship, and turned into a torrent as the teams walked the course. A stunning array of umbrellas kept the spirits up and coffee from the nearby cafe kept everyone warm.

Thanks to everyone who turned out to support the teams, and particular thanks to everyone who helped Steve out.

The now disused and overgrown hoverport provided a challenging surface for the teams and the downpour (which stopped just in time) provided some superb water challenges.

Well done to all who made it to the competition.


Round 1: Multi-surface challenge

WIWITW kicked things off and found things a little tough, getting caught on the undergrowth, needing four assists.

Payntrix followed up, managing to overcome steering failure and dragging skirt to make it just inside the time limit.

Bobby Dazzler sprinted round the course setting the fastest time by nearly three minutes and an inspiring athletic display too.

Round 1 Time Points Assists Points Total
WIWITW 7:13 -133 4 -200 -333
Payntrix 4:56 +4 0 0 +4
Bobby Dazzler 2:01 +179 0 0 +179

Round 2: Tug of War

WIWITW vs Bobby Dazzler

The BD10 proved to be too much of a match for the light electric Badger, and it was one win to Bobby Dazzler

Bobby Dazzler vs Payntrix

With confidence high Dazzler attached to the huge Payntrix craft and attempted a repeat of round one. Sadly for Dazzler the larger engine and prop combination just had the edge and Payntrix took the win.

Payntrix vs WIWITW

Having been beaten by Bobby Dazzler and then watching Payntrix beat Bobby Dazzler, the war badger conceded the match to save battery power. so Payntrix notches up a second win.

Round 2
Wins Points
Bobby Dazzler 1 20
Payntrix 2 40

Round 3: Manoeuvrability Challenge

WIWITW had high hopes for this round with the ability to reverse in the car park section was his chance to grab some points. Alas the plan fell apart when he got stuck in the car park and although Dazzler offered a free assist out of the car park, battery failure scuppered his chances of a decent time.

Payntrix went next and continued to suffer with the skirt dragging on the rough surface. This slowed him down, but a perfectly executed car park got him back in the hunt.

Bobby Dazzler set off with impressive pace, but it seemed to catch him out as he needed a couple of assists to get free of the undergrowth. Dazzler also came unstuck in the car park section. Dazzler claimed a free assist, since WIWITW had got one, and raced off to set the fastest time.

Round 3
Time Points Assists Points Total
WIWITW 5:08 -8 3 (+1 free) -150 -158
Payntrix 2:41 +139 0 0 +139
Bobby Dazzler 2:28 +152 2 (+1 free) -100 +52

Round 4: High speed challenge

Bobby Dazzler was first to set the speed record for his craft. Using the full five minutes allocated chasing after his speeding craft. Dazzler deploying his 'second lift' strategy trying to take the crown.

WIWITW set off next, but the battery life expired after only 20 seconds of running denying him a chance at a decent run.

Payntrix the last craft to run, continued to suffer with the skirt dragging on the rough surface. A small puddle was the only place he could pick up speed, but although it was probably the fastest accelerating craft once it was on the water, the 4 metre water stretch wasn't enough to see the full potential.

Once the GPS logger was downloaded, the clear winner was Bobby Dazzler with 28.5 Kph. Next the struggling Payntrix with 13.8 Kph, then the running on empty WIWITW with 8.2 Kph

Round 4
Total Distance Average speed Max speed Points
Bobby Dazzler 686 M 5.6 Kph 28.5 Kph 30
WIWITW 106 M 1.3 Kph 8.2 Kph 10
Payntrix 251 M 2.3 Kph 13.6 Kph 20

Round 5: Build costs

Each team has declared the following costs.

Round 5
Price Points
Payntrix 152 48
WIWITW 121 79
Bobby Dazzler 177 23

Round 6: Size criteria

The team declared their craft dimensions to validate their entry to the challenge

Round 6 Payntrix WIWITW Bobby Dazzler
Length (max 1000) 1000 Pass 1130 FAIL 1015 FAIL
Width (max 500) 495 Pass 498 Pass 520 FAIL
Height (max 500) 497 Pass 230 Pass 400 Pass
Outcome   PASS   FAIL   FAIL

With no penalty declared prior to the event Bobby Dazzler and When I was in the War seem to have escaped with craft that are clearly not legitimate.

Payntrix suggest 10 point penalty per millimetre in excess of the allowable dimensions.

Final Score:

When the maths is all done Bobby Dazzler is crowned the champion of the 2010 Hovercraft Challenge

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 TOTAL
Bobby Dazzler +179 +20 +52 +30 +23 FAIL +304
Payntrix +4 +40 +139 +20 +48 PASS +251
When I was in the War -333 +0 -158 +10 +79 FAIL -402
Round Winner Bobby Dazzler Payntrix Payntrix Bobby Dazzler WIWITW Payntrix Bobby Dazzler

The winning craft the BD10, designed, built and piloted by Bobby Dazzler the 2010 Hovercraft Challenge Champion

Well done Darren